Life Save From Avalanche

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I have made safety equipment to save the lives of mountaineers, who are in danger of dying in snow avalanches, especially those Army men who are deputed in snow mountains all over the world. And this equipment is also very useful for snow surfers. I made it with strong tuff fibre, fixed long hollow pipes to support and used 2 center supports with easy to open and easy to close mechanism (e.g.umbrella rod) and also used 6 hooks to hold the ground surface to avoid slip.

I want to all the Army men who are doing their tuff duties on snow avalanche hill areas. This equipment is very useful and cheapest. This can save the precious lives of Army men for their Nations and Families.
( I'm Bharat Inder Singh working in Indian railways. Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mob no. +91 904 142 5500 )


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