Anyway Electric Wall (Goodbye to Electric Boards)

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You want to charge your phone then you need to find a plug insert socket and then charge, the same goes for other appliances as well. It is very inconvenient, the hanging wires, the electric boards damage asthetic appeal and inconvenience to use them anywhere.

So here comes the anyway electric wall, no more hanging wires, no more electric boards, Just comfort and convenience.

Just attach the plug of your device anywhere on the wall and your device is powered.

The idea is a bit similar to wireless charging but not exactly. The regular concrete wall is attached with small metal windings throughout (3-5 mm thick) then above which we have a carbon aerogel coating (2-5mm) further we have the solid exterior plate providing asthetic appeal.

The plug designed for appliance is similar (carrying small windings with carbon aerogel coat). For attaching it to wall small vaccum pumps and magnets (as coils on wall are magnetic) are provided to stick to wall anywhere.

Whenever the plug is attached to wall microtransformers set up (the magnets act as core) and the load is powered.

Carbon aerogels have unique property that their conductivity is a function of surface area so directional conductivity is justified increasing efficiency. Also they offer tremendous energy carrying capacity and theorotically their efficiency increases with time.

Another advantage of such coats is to provide cooling as aerogels are best heat insulators.

The Uniqueness of the Tech:
Because the technology doesn't use air as a medium of power transfer efficiency is higher and the amount of power delivered is higher as compared to current wireless energy technology.

Wireless Power transfer is well hyper but is very inefficient and can cause harm to human beings and environment,unlike these our solution caters both safery and convenience.


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