Virtual Conscience

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The working title of a technical project is Virtual Conscience, which linked to Cybernetics, Psychology and Neurobiology.

This project has targeted on the Russian Federation and countries with a high level of corruption perception Market.

Development period of the Project is until 2019.

The motivation for crime is the physical and psychological ability of a person to purchase something and to spend unearned and dirty money from illicit trafficking of drugs, corruption, rollbacks* and stealing.

The technical device, with the delegated right to generate the desire to become a person useful for people, blocking the motivation of crime, makes corruption senseless and saves human vital resources for a positive part of life.

Manufacturing of components of the technical parts of the project planes with the help of Russian and foreign companies, which passed the ISO certification.

We planning to present of the principle of Virtual Conscience operation during WCX19 World Congress Experience, April 4-6.2018. Cobo Center. Detroit, Michigan, USA

The auxiliary part of the project is non-verbal semiotics of printed graphic products and an innovative mirror for the soul of dual purpose.

Wall samples of the Mirror for the soul has made of high-quality mirror with printed anti-corruption aphorism and with variants of translation to English, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

1. Bribery, lying and thieving dishonor a human being and deteriorate his spirit.
2. Bribery, lying and stealing degrade human dignity and defile the soul.
3. Bribery, lying and stealing are an assault on human dignity that befouls the soul.
4. Bribery, lying and stealing degrade human dignity and befoul the soul.
5. "חוחד, שקרוגניבהמשפיליםאתכבודהאדםומטמאיםאתנפשו"
6. 腐败, 撒谎, 盗窃 - 让人丧失尊严和玷污灵魂


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