Shekarau LED Lamp

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The lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED) product assembled in series and parallel for use in lighting fixtures. It’s an upgrade of SHEKARAU LAMP you know. It has a lifespan and efficiency (electrical and mechanical) more than existing Shekarau lamps, and are significantly more efficient than 26 watt compact fluorescent lamps.

This lamp has been in existence in Kano state around 2004 during Malam Ibrahim Shekarau administration. It is named by the local people as then he was the seated governor of Kano state.

The lamp use abundant northern Nigeria solar energy as a cost effective and renewable means of provision of electricity. It requires little maintenance and is cheaper, more efficient, qualitative and reliable than existing LEDs in the market. The project goal is to provide a system which will replace local (shekarau) LED lamps, incandescent torch lights and reduce the use of small (TIGER) gen-sets in mosques, rooms, and offices at a minimum low affordable price.

In northern Nigeria, we are fully aware of the negative effects of climate change on our environment as identified in the recent increase of desertification on our areas, conflicts and north to south (FULANI HEADSMEN and HAUSA MAN) migrations. Its however, paramount to widen our adaptation measures so that this challenge will be addressed effectively.


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