Adware Marking of Bakery Products - Bread

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This invention relates to a method for advertising the baking products by producing visible inscriptions such as drawings, words, slogans or inscriptions, the method being intended for the advertising industry for the large-scale engraving of bakery products in the promotion of any sign Products or names of companies in any field of activity, these bakery products wearing the respective marks free of charge, without changing the initial price of the bakery products. The advertising method for bakery products is to create at least one form or a document on at least part of a consumer product based on grain flour.

The advertising advertising of the bakery products according to the invention provides for at least two basic methods of producing a sign: on a part of a bakery product in order to form an inscribed advertising (baking) or any part by attaching the inscription on The bakery product (after baking).

After baking, a printed flyer with the advertising signs of a product or service is attached, attached to the baking product on either side of the product by means of an advertising label directly affixed to the plastic or paper packaging of Of the cereal product. Also after baking, an advertising message can be printed directly on the initial packaging of the bakery product. Thus, the "pre-packaged advertising packaging" appears for the bakery, which can be in different shapes and colors, if necessary the packaging is printed with edible inks.

During the baking process, also in order to create an advertising space, a mold-tray is used with the name or insignia of any organization, product or service, the form thus obtained on the product having a cereal-based base, having a high expressivity being pointed And easily identifiable precisely by the nature of the document. The mold which will be positioned as a conventional baking tray under the bakery product will preferably be made of a metallic material that will withstand heat and can be reused, this molding tray having the forms in relief, cut Or inlaid, which will leave an opposite trace on the hide product; The baking cake once placed on the tray will be left leavened, will not be moved during baking and thus will form an image identical to the document on the tray, the bread can be removed after baking and marketed no other modification of the Product, and the advertising message remains on the bottom of the bakery product or on any part of the mold. But marking baking products with the baking method will be the easiest to put into practice due to lower mobility and production costs for the new form of advertising. The methods described above are protected by OSIM Romania Europa.


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