Omeguitar: The Guitar Trainer of the Future

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The music industry is beginning to make use of software innovation and electrical engineering, opening the industry for completely new ways of transforming how people learn how to play an instrument.

The Omeguitar project was formulated with the intent of incorporating visual education and electrical engineering to promote faster learning and fundamental playing habits for aspiring musicians.

Although most musicians have sacrificed hours of practice and discipline to learn how to play the electric guitar, there are many others who have failed to pursue their goals of mastering the instrument due to the steep learning curve. Before one can even play a simple melody, there are many tedious skills and habits that need to be developed before a single note can be played. A beginner needs to know how to read music, practice good posture, invest money in lessons, and develop fluid finger movement at minimum. By the time all these skills are learned, many lose the motivation to continue and give up.

It's time for the practice of learning how to play the guitar to be revolutionized.

Many companies that develop musical instruments have income that is dependent on people who overcome the learning curve and continue to invest in advanced instruments and accessories. In 2003, Casio Instruments integrated a library of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files into a synthesizer model, allowing users to learn an available song as it is being visually performed by the synthesizer. This learning mechanism can be applied to other musical instruments--including the electric guitar--to help beginners overcome the difficult learning curve when learning how to play an instrument.

The Omeguitar Project is influenced by the model of Casio’s visual learning mechanism to create a product that significantly decreases the learning curve of the electric guitar. The product includes a module that reads from a library of MIDI songs and simulates how to play any track of a song in both real and incremental time. The accessory is compatible with any standard electric guitar and also includes a wireless foot pedal for playback options, while simultaneously encouraging positive habits.

The Omeguitar Project is committed to advancing the personalized learning of a musical skill by incorporating the engineering design process into a revolutionary product.



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