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The Mobile biometrics market is growing 50% per year. North America market mobile security products and services, Goode Intelligence forecasts, will generate over $8.3 billion revenue by 2018.* Mobile devices with fingerprint sensors will be over 990 million by 2017. Acuity forecasts that intensifying demand for smart phones, tablets, and wearable mobile devices that incorporate biometrics will drive a global market of 2.5 billion users with nearly 4.8 billion biometric devices by 2020.

Mobiloli is a passive chip that can be embedded in a mobile phone and gives user identification accuracy using voice or sound recognition software because the frequency of the nerve firings is in the same range as audio signals.

Mobile physical biometric security technologies are coalescing with both hardware and software authentication technologies. Companies can realize a large security blanket through increasing use of mobile security biometrics. The heightened awareness of mobile security issues has led to a massive rise in interest for mobile biometric technologies from a variety of market sectors, including government agencies and corporations wanting greater security accountability of their staff and higher mobile security. The Biometrics Market offers incredible opportunity for those mobile biometric firms ready and able to deliver to market demands. Success in the mobil biometrics market will certainly be influenced by such factors as:understanding the criteria which buyers are using in their decision-making process, knowledge of the market players and competitive offerings, the ability to create an 'edge' over competition, and to grow revenue and market share.

Mobiloli proprietary biometric approach detects a person's results of nerve firing patterns to accurately predict his/her identity, without complex hardware, together with available off-the-shelf analysis software to reduce cost - thereby making non-contact/contact identification available to a breadth of applications for which conventional approaches are not technically or economically viable.

There currently is no other nerve pattern mobile security biometrics company in the world despite massive amounts of university and corporate research dollars in this field.

Mobile device OEM`s are integrating advanced biometrics such as fingerprint sensing into their smartphones for such app`s as mobile payments.The majority of the biometric mobile security companies are basing their efforts on iris scan, voiceprint, facial recognition and fingerprint technology. Such companies are 3M Cogent [facial recognition, fingeprints, palmprints] , Apple [fingerprints], Fujitsu [palmprint], NEC, BioEnable Technologies, ImageWare Systems, M2SYS, Mobbeel, Precise Biometrics [fingerprints], SIC Biometrics [fingerprints].

Mobiloli provides far greater recognition accuracy at lower cost, fewest parts, non-contact, better reliability and identification capability than those or any other biometric mobile security technology.

Mobiloli is the first nerve firing pattern mobile security biometric sensor in the world, with low manufacturing cost, providing non-contact/contact high accuracy ID`s.

The Mobilolichip would be manufactured from a prototype printed circuit board design already working.

The project is backed by a large pension fund that would match any investment, etc.


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