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It's fun to eat peas with Spoon-o-saurus! The Spoon-o-saurus is named to entice kids to want to eat with it. For adults, eating with a fork while not glancing away from the monitor on our lunch break is difficult. with this device you can capture your meal while still using your mouse. The one shown is for left handed use.

What makes this utensil truly unique is the combination living hinge and living spring, together positioned to prevent the appliance from twisting, thus keeping the spoon halves in alignment. Injection molded in one piece from flexible plastic, it could be thrown into the dishwasher.

To manufacture this item would be a dream as the mold would have no moving parts such as slides or lifters. This could easily be a multi-cavity affair producing many units per cycle just as standard plastic cutlery is made now. The hole in between the spring and the hinge could be accomplished using round replaceable inserts that seal against each other when the mold halves come together during operation. Adjusting the spring tension would be as simple as replacing the inserts and then left alone for the life of the mold, (which would be long).

The spoon end could easily be re-designed to become a medical tool, or even a scary dinosaur.



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    James Welky
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    Tool and Die/Moldmaker
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    The perfect designs found in nature.
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    Solidworks 2007
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