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We are well aware of the scenario of crimes against women all over the world. Wouldn’t it be better for women if they could make their family aware of any problem at the time it is happening by just pushing a button? Imagine if there was something which could enable others to view the current situation you are going through. This project aims at helping a woman in a difficult situation by letting her family get an idea of her whereabouts and the situation she is currently facing.

In this project, we will be using a separate hardware device which will be connected to an android application. The woman will have the mentioned hardware device with her at all times, wherever she goes. The device we talk about is basically a camera that will click a picture or record a video and send it to the android application.

We will be using some sort of trigger action to bring the application to life like a button press or shaking the phone. Once the application is activated, it will perform the following functions-

The device on the woman will be activated and it will start recording and send the recorded video or imagery to the application, which in turn will be sent to all the emergency contacts mentioned in the application along with her location and a predefined message like “I need help”. A screaming feature will also be added to the android application which can be activated manually by the woman. This will generate a high frequency scream in a woman’s voice. There will also be a camera detection feature which can be used for detecting hidden cameras in private places like changing rooms etc. The woman will also be able to find out the location of the nearest police stations.

The device will enable women to walk out of their houses at any time without worrying the family members. It will help in finding that particular person responsible for causing trouble to a woman. This can help in empowering women safety by providing a means to remove bad elements from the society easily and effectively.


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    Renu Yadav
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    Komal Yadav,Umesh Chandra , Priyanka Rautela
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