Smart Solar and Electric Geyser

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Smart Solar geyser:- Present day Solar water heaters are bulky and needs strong roof and pipe line from area of utility till the roof top. The major problems faced are:
1. Limited usage, like individual houses.
2. Wastage of cold water in the pipe line to get hot water
3. Loss of temperature during night time.
4. Loss of hot water temperature during usage due to entry of cold water

Our Smart Solar Geyser is a solution for the above problems. Our product generates electricity from sun light and transmit it to area of utility and heats up the water situated in bath rooms and as soon as the user turns ON the tap he gets hot water, so there is no question of wasting cold water. We also invented a special air release valve which isolates hot water and cold water. So when the user draws hot water cold water does not flows in and the complete hot water can be used. So the major problems resolved are:
1. Solar panels can be used right from remote village hut to high rise housing or utility buildings, so the usage is almost 4 fold the present market
2. No need for expensive plumbing lines, just install the panel and draw the wire to area of utility.
3. Use complete hot water without mixing with cold water.
4. Conserves water to 50% wand electricity to 40%

Environmental benefits:-
1. In villages it can be easily used and prevents use of fire wood, so forest is saved and release of Carbon Dioxide to the environment is eliminated.
2. Solar energy can be utilized in Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and complete rural areas, where in earlier, it was not applied due to various practical limitations.
3. Saving of 50% water is a huge contribution from urban areas, because maximum water consumption demand is from cities.

Conventional Electric Geysers:- Works on the principle of letting in cold water to get hot water, in the process cold water reduces the temperature of hot water, in order to heat water, electricity is again used, so all the geysers are heating and cooling the water in the process we are loosing electricity more than required.

Smart Electric Geyser:- Once the water is heated to required temperature, cold water inlet is blocked, either manually or Automatically. When the user draws hot water, Specially designed two way valve ensures hot water is delivered without letting in cold water. So the complete stored and heated hot water is utilised, in this way unnecessary heating and cooling of the water is eliminated.

To date the whole world is using double the electricity to get hot water from Electric Geysers. Our invention eliminates this practice and conserves 50% electricity in all geysers, which is in terms of Few million Megawatts,EVERY DAY...across the world.



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