Tri Wheel Mechanisch Uterstutzter Rollstuhl

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The objective of the project is to develop cost effective, light weight and user friendly manually operated wheel chair with stair climbing and steep slope climbing facility for elderly people/physically challenged persons. Based on the representations received from the paramedical staff from the hospitals and the review of relevant literature, it was found that there is no manually operated staircase climbing wheel chair. Moreover the existing self-electrical propagating wheel chair is very costly and it was not affordable by middle class people. Very few manufacturers are available to manufacture the self-propelled electrically operated wheel chair and it is very uncomfortable to operate the wheel chair with such complex mechanism design.

To overcome these issues, the conceptual design of proposed manually operated wheel chair was generated and the same was properly transformed into model using Creo. Then the detailed analysis was carried out to check all the required properties were in permissible limits. Based on the consideration of positive results obtained from the analysis, the proposed model was fabricated and ensured the performance testing. The reliability and durability of the proposed chair is virtuous. The operational easiness and comforts at the time of usage was highly appreciated by the users. Based on the constructive responses acknowledged from the users, this proposed wheelchair is exceedingly helpful for elderly people/physically challenged persons.

Technical Details of the Wheel Chair:
Frame dimensions at base = 78 * 60 cm^2
Frame dimensions at back = 146 * 56 cm^2
Length of the handle for moving the wheelchair= 45 cm
Seat base of wheelchair =38cm
Seat back length of the wheelchair =178cm
Length of hand rest = 30 cm
Total height of the wheelchair = 176 cm
Width of the wheelchair =80 cm
Height of the legs =26 cm
Diameter of the wheels =15cm
Average height of the steps = 13 cm

Cost effectiveness:
The cost is very less when compared with the product available in the market. If we can choose a proper material for fabrication the weight of the chair can also be reduced. This product can be marketed easily because of its requirement.


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    Prabu Ram G
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    K.Balaji, P.Esakki Raja S.Naveen, M.Karthick, G.Prabu ram L.Karthikeyan Dr.S.Rajakarunakaran
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