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I got tired of so many beverage bottles thrown away with contents still inside. I realized this was due in many cases to the user being unable to locate their bottle because it was placed amongst other that looked just like it. This situation occurs in at home, work, or on-the-go: anywhere that people gather. To avoid drinking from somebody else's bottle, most people open a new bottle, leaving the unfinished bottle to be disposed of, putting an unnecessary strain on the environment in the form of: excess pollution (at least twice as much waste); wasted water (found in ALL beverages); depletion of resources (raw materials used in manufacturing new bottles); and, expanded carbon footprint (from manufacturing and transporting new bottles). I had to do something about it, and knew that the solution had to be as easy as grabbing another bottle.

I invented Sipsee®, the only portable, reusable stopper with carrying case for single-serve plastic, glass and aluminum beverage bottles. Sipsee® can be personalized, solving the problem of losing a bottle placed next to other identical bottles, which often occurs where people gather. Sipsee® seals many bottles, preventing spilling and keeping unwanted things out of the beverage, and decreases the likelihood of exchanging saliva with another person by inadvertently drinking from their bottle. Because it can be customized, Sipsee® is a fun, easy way to show affiliation with a group or support a cause. When not in use, Sipsee® fits easily into a purse or pocket, and attaches easily to a key chain, backpack, etc. Sipsee® Goes Where You Go!TM

Sipsee® saves money by ensuring the user will finish their drink before purchasing another. Additionally, Sipsee® creates a barrier to the date rape drug, making it useful in social situations, such as bars or parties.

Sipsee® is made of FDA-certified non-toxic materials free of BPA/S, phthalates, PVC, and other dangerous chemicals. Because it is proudly made in the USA of high-quality materials, it will last for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of uses. This ensures a net-positive impact on the environment that far outweighs the material used in its production, and savings to the consumer in beverages no longer purchased that far outweigh the cost of the product. Because this is the first of its kind, its cost cannot be directly compared to any competitors.

Sipsee® recently received the California Resource Recovery Association’s “Outstanding Waste Prevention Award” in 2017.

Sipsee® has been issued two utility patents and has a third pending.


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