The Flipper - The Lean Green Shovelin' Machine

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Shoveling snow is tedious, backbreaking work. Little wonder that every year thousands of shovelers end up in ERs.

But no more. Now, with the Flipper you can clear snow in half the time and with one-tenth the effort.

Its innovative spring bar multiplies your effort so you can move snow with less ease, changing the face of snow shoveling forever.

The Flipper is intuitive. Grab it by horns, push forward to gather a load, push down. It's gone! Not only can you easily fire snow up to 20 feet, you can also direct it to the left or right, plus also vary the throw to achieve either height (like over high snow banks) or horizontal distance. One-handed use allows even amputees to shovel, and its stand-up design means no more bending down to pick up your shovel.

The detachable spring bar does the work, so no more bending, lifting, twisting or throwing.

The Flipper: half the time, one-tenth the effort.



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