Virtual Diary - Digitally Store the Data

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In the fast paced era of technology and science, one has lots of information to grab. The people have smartphones to store the information. While few still use the notebook to store the data. The innovation is the “Diary,” a digital information resource which is equipped with a projector keyboard and storage assistance which helps to store the data in the memory inside. The device is a box like structure, which has laser projector to project the QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface. The data typed on the keyboard is stored in the memory chip. The data is like a word document which can be extracted by taking out the chip and inserting it in a PC. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to transfer the data typed directly to the phone. The data typed can be viewed with the backside projector of the device which is used to see what all is typed. It can display up to 15 lines of typed data, while it can store files up to 64GB.

The device is a rectangular box made of thermoplastic which is fitted with IR sensor, distance sensor and keyboard laser projector. The device is programmed to project the QWERTY keyboard and the distance sensor which is just an inch below the laser projector senses the distance of the finger by the hypotenuse and the IR sensor which is at the ground level of the device measures the base distance of the finger. The Pythagorean calculation is done to check which key has been pressed. Once the sensor receives the data of which key is pressed it transmits the data to the memory chip. The user can also check what he is typing by using the projector lens on the other side which projects few lines of the data, while it can also be viewed on the smartphone. The typed data is stored in form of doc format. The keyboard can be switched off once the data is typed. The device is a cost effective tool to store data and also have a keyboard to type. The device is compatible with any Bluetooth connecting device (laptop, smartphone or desktop). The device can be used as a virtual keyboard and also as a data keeper. The device is named “Diary” and it works as a virtual diary and also a virtual keyboard. The device can project the keyboard on any flat surface. The device is portable and can be carried anywhere. I am also working on the other features of the device where music playing and other activities can be performed in the latter coming versions. The present device prototype is used to be made. The simulation and designing has been done.


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    Nihal Bhatt
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    The inspiration is the world itself. The world is like a mirror which reflects lots of problems and solutions. My idea is on from it.
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