AH-HA TRIVIA - Animated Trivia

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Creating the World's First Animated Trivia Application - Everyone needs Animated Trivia. Our brains are simply visual by nature processing 60,000 times faster than text. It is easier to recall amazing facts when they are matched with fun animation. The worldwide appeal of trivia is well known especially with the success of Trivia Crack (over 200 million monthly users) and is primarily a text based trivia application. The world deserves more.

Utilizing thousands of high quality fun animations and matching them with amazing facts creates the opportunity for people to enjoy and retain the amazing facts easier. This helps educate and entertain people around the world with a new way to experience trivia. AH-HA TRIVIA - Animated Trivia will appeal to young and old with random amazing facts matched with animation and ability to take quizzes and test their recall of the facts.

Social media posting and competitions will come in future versions. Printed books and trading cards that will feature augmented reality is also planned. Syndicating the animations with the amazing facts for newspapers, on-line use is also envisioned.

It all starts with the premise that humans are more visual and we can now create something that will resonate with users with delivering great content, knowledge and enjoyment for everyone now and into the future.

The application will be available in any app store for Apple, Google Play, Microsoft soon. Website launches mid July - www.AnimatedTrivia.com



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    Steve Stark
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    Photoshop, Autocad Inventor Suite, Kotobee
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    Autodesk Vault
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    Mass market concepts/designs/products that will have a positive effect on people, pets, the world. Environmental clean tech solutions is a passion as well as sport toys, lighted products, anything fun, pet products, educational, even software development for smart phones - animated trivia - augmented reality is also a focus.
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