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The purpose of this invention is to improve the quality of life of working people. My idea is of an electric kettle combined with the qualities of a blender and refrigerator. This design will be very helpful for tourists. It will be a great idea to resolve the problems of the modern rush. One can use this ready on go product anywhere ,everywhere. One can heat up, blend or refrigerate something in need.

The idea came in my mind when I got to know about mini aspen compressor then I thought of smallest refrigerator which looks like a bottle but the idea finally turned into a three in one amazing product. Till now no one can carry a fridge everywhere or a blender but this invention is the solution of it. It is a portable device which can be carried everywhere the main part of this product is a body which looks a kettle and the cap of this contains a 12 v dc motor and a blade which can be open like a radio antenna which reduces the space. This is fitted into the cap and can be open while in use. And third function is of refrigerator which contains a mini aspen compressor, a drier, expansion device condenser coil and evaporator coils. The kettle like structure will be put into another structure containing the system of the refrigerator. The kettle is different from the usual kettles because it contains a system through which one can easily boil something or warm something depends on one's need. It is easy to carry, portable, convenient and safe. In this modern time a normal electronic kettle can be seen everywhere or in most of the houses. Comparing with this one can think how great idea it will be. The main thing is it will not be very costly. Its manufacturing cost can be up to one thousand rupees and I am sure that one can easily buy it in four to five thousand rupees. Due to this its market potential is too much high as compared to any other product in market.

And the last thing I want to conclude that this product can be easily manufactured. The first part , the kettle contains an heating element with a bottle like top and a bottom containing the heating element. The blender is fitted into the cap with a cheap and safe 12 v dc motor and a blade. The main and complex part of this product is the process of refrigeration in it. This part is different from the main body. It is a hollow structure whose walls contains the condenser and evaporator coil the bottom part of it contains the mini compressor and the cap contains drier and expansion device. The main body will be kept inside this structure. This is all I wanted to mention about the product. I really want to see the implementation of my dream into the real world. If I know it will definitely be implemented because of its amazing purpose.


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