Fellow – Smart Pet Gadget. Controlled by Humans, Powered by Dogs

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Fellow. A new system created for humans and their beloved best friend: Dogs. The Bluetooth device enables you to monitor your pet’s location and find it if it gets lost. The gadget charges itself from kinetic energy as your pet runs tirelessly providing a die-hard battery that makes Fellow a unique game changer in the dog wearable market. You only need a smart phone, an app and a Fellow device to be aware of your dog’s conditions all the time. Fellow also interacts with other users helping to build a protective community based on technology and the special relationship, the love of dogs.

Just attach to your pals’ collar, Fellow enables you to expand your care. Fellow provides a solution to most problems that arise day to day in the life of a dog owner. It’s a digital leash that sends you a signal through a smartphone application in case you lose contact with your dog, so you can start searching immediately with the help of Fellow community. Using the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, the range of this digital leash can be up to 200 meters long between your smartphone and the gadget hanging on your dog’s collar.

Without Fellow you can rely only on identification tags or implanted chips in the event of a stray dog is found. This device, however is able to store and send information about the dog conditions and its whereabout with the help of advanced AES technology.

For instance, the dog house may be too cold in winter or too hot in the summer heat. The gadget always notifies you at times of such critical circumstances. When you take your dog for a walk and its pitch black outside Fellow makes your pet clearly visible with an intelligent lighting system operating automatically, if you wish.

Thanks to the eMotion technology, Fellow utilizes the dog’s kinetic energy which capability combined with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 and LED technologies, ensures extremely long operational time. This is an especially important feature in case your dog gets lost and every minute, hour or day counts. The device is weather-proof: the body is made of water resistant, dust and shockproof polycarbonate plastic & silicone.

Fellow strengthens ties between dog and owner and brings the pet loving society to a new level through its community network. Users will be able to get in touch with their dog lover friends, meet new people in their neighborhood, and check in to their favorite places for dog walking. They will also have the chance to organize events, share their experiences about dog related local services (e.g. vets, dog schools, dog groomers, dog walkers, dog sitting, etc.). The Fellow app will provide personalized, location-based opportunities as well as ads for dog owners.


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    Joseph Kassai
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    Joseph Kassai - CEO / CTO
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    Bianka Breda - Communications Ambassador
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