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Listening to music while traveling or commuting endangers the life of the user and this may prove fatal. Hence the idea is to use the same entertaining device as an alert system while commuting. Sonorous- a smart AI used to alert the user while listening music and traveling on road.

Sonorous takes the user on a journey of an isolated musical environment with smart alert features. The device is equipped with ultrasonic sensors, a microphone, and motion detector camera. The motion detector identifies the object whether it's a moving vehicle or a pedestrian. The user will only be alerted if it's a fast approaching vehicle using ultrasonic waves through a set of pre-recorded messages. The headphone has an amazing voice recognition and touch features for activities like receiving calls, increasing the volume, changing tracks and much more. so guys Stay ALERT , Stay SAFE and Stay TUNED with SONOROUS.



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    Vishal Joshi
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    Vishal Joshi, Prachitesh Jadhav, Akshay Malviya
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    CATIA V5
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