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Andro-Aqua offers a smart aquarium which will be connected to our app and can be controlled through the app with the app providing important alerts. Through this Andro-Aqua one can feed their important fishes without even being there so now you don't have to worry about feeding your fishes when you are not at home as Andro-Aqua will do it for you. Moreover all the important details of your precious fishes and aquarium will be uploaded to the cloud like temperature , turbidity , water level and filtration mechanism with the dirty water going out of the outlet and automatic refilling of water with an inlet and other important aspects so the person who doesn't even have the clue about handling an aquarium can operate it without any difficulty.

The app also comes with an camera and other important features like alarm.

So overall Andro-Aqua is the answer to all our aquarium related problems PLUS IT CAN BE USED FOR AN IMPORTANT CAUSE LIKE FLOOD DETECTION as the smart sensor detects the water level. So, this is something which offers answers to our many problems.


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