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The main objective of the system is to display free space, full color high resolution video or still images while simultaneously enabling the user to communicate, to have real time interaction with the visual images. Displaying an image using conventional projectors requires a non-transparent medium, typically screens, walls, or even water, but air, which is transparent, cannot be used .The Project intends to work as a free-space touch screen when connected to a PC by a USB cable. A PC sees the floating displays a pointing device, like a mouse. With the supplied software installed, one can use a finger, pen, or another object as cursor control and navigate or interact with simple content.

Floating display is used for Advertising and Promotion, e.g.: trade shows; in-store displays; museum, movie and casino displays; theme parks.

Collaborative Decision Making, e.g.: board meetings and presentations; air traffic control; military command and control; architectural and engineering design; teleconferencing.
It can also be used by doctors in medical illustration.


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