In Home Deployable Storm Shelter

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This is a deployable storm shelter mounted to posts that penetrate a homes slab and concreted into the ground below the slab. When not in use the shelter is covered by a furniture quality covering, TV wall, book shelf, etc. The cantilevered deployable design requires no engagement with fine flooring. This design is independent structurally from the wall which means the wall can collapse without taking the shelter with it.

There are shelters for garages but an in home/room deployable shelter provides protection without having to go to the garage. It is more secure than putting your kids in a bathtub or hall. This design can be retrofitted into existing homes or built into new homes. It can also be applied to garages to free up space instead of having to dedicate permanent space for solid box type shelters.

Most storm events last for a couple of hours as people watch the weather reports as storms move through. This design allows people to stay in their home with their family and the ability to jump in quickly if things start getting bad.


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