LockSec Password Manager

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LockSec Password Manager will become the only password manager tool anyone would ever need. In contrast to currently available software and password managing tools, LockSec will introduce revolutionary innovation in the field of security and password management with new cross-platform and cross-website integration of the tool.

LockSec will ask the user to signup once he/she does so the tool will allow the user to either manually fill passwords or autosave them from browsers and websites where the user has already logged in. It will also allow the user to provide user a website which can be used to access website which requires login credentials and has already been saved by the user on his/her trusted device, on closing the browsing tab, the history of ever using the website on that device will be deleted.


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    Chirag Arora
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    Chirag Arora Abhinav Pathak Abhishek Kumar Atala Rajiv Rao
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    Security and Hacking both inspires us to get a design of tool which is very handy and highly secured. Confusions in remembering passwords for different different accounts also inspired us to develop a managing tool.
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    Netbeans ,wamp, mySQL
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