Cake Slice Serving Plate

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This product will be made with plastic. This plate will solve the problem of cake slices breaking and falling down. A lot of cake is left behind on the plate at the time of serving cake slices. There is always a problem of serving cake slices after cutting the cake.

As per the sketch some lining mark will be designed on the upper surface of each triangle plate. The plate will be removed with cake's slice from the middle part one by one. We will press this plate slightly towards upside and this plate will be removed at the time of serving slices.

We will have to put the cake on the circular plate and the hook will be gripped with the middle part to make a complete circle.

The hook will be gripped with middle part to make a complete circle. Triangle plates will be inserted one by one into the middle space of middle part.

This hook will work to attach these triangle shaped plates.

There will be a flexible hook design on the end part of these triangles plates and 10 or more triangle shaped plates will be attached in a circular way. Triangle slicing template slides down to cut, stays in place as slice is removed and ready to serve.


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