Light-acoustic Intona Complex Improving Quality of Health and Life

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We present the innovative hardware-software Intona complex to relieve emotional tension and stress with evidence of results. The complex includes the light-acoustic bed and the measuring device.

Emotional tension and stress are the main threat for health and business efficiency of modern people, and also the main cause of the development of diseases. The most common diseases from stress: cardiovascular, immune, neurological, oncological (Jerrold Greenberg "Comprehensive Stress Management"). The International Labor Organization found that due to stresses in the world during the year 2.3 million people die and 317 million people become ill.

Various manual methods and known devices for relieving emotional tension are not effective for the current level of emotional and stress loads, they do not provide a state of full psychophysical relaxation for more than 90% of users and do not provide evidence of relieving of the emotional tension and stress in the use session.

Intona complex eliminates the destructive effect of emotional tension on the mind and body, prevents the development of psychosomatic diseases, returns the functional and energy resources captured by stress, reduces labor losses due to diseases and costs for the treatment of diseases, preserves the potential of experienced employees in ensuring the stability of the functioning of the organization, supports and enhances the efficiency of staff, improves quality of health and life.

Emotional tension is always accompanied and associated with muscle tension. The light-acoustic bed synchronously removes both psycho-emotional and muscular tension. Highly effective revitalizing music audioprograms of the bed eliminates emotional tension. These same audioprograms form the acoustic waves felt by the body on the surface of the bed, which relax the muscles. The bed creates an attractive relaxing audiovisual atmosphere of the session. The bed has touch-sensitive radio remote control for controlling light-acoustic influences. The bed has sections of acoustic influence for the areas: back (tummy), hips, shins and feet (the back of the bed).

The measuring device allows to evaluate the relaxation process by measuring the electrical resistance of the user's palm skin in real-time of the session.

The benefits and innovation of the Intona complex:
1. The effectiveness of relaxation using the complex is 3 to 10 times higher than the person's own abilities.
2. Achieve and maintain a state of full psychophysical relaxation is provided during a 15-minute session and, importantly, from the first sessions and more than 90% of users.
3. During the session the state of full psychophysical relaxation is stimulated, demonstrated for user in his sensations, fixed by user and trains him.

The Intona complex has no analogues in the market.

Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of the State Scientific Center named after A.I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia ( is developing methods of using the Intone complex for physical training and sports.

The Intona complex can be used in relaxation rooms, recreation rooms in organizations, hotels, sports training organizations, educational organizations, sanatoriums, in health, spa, fitness, wellness centers, for prevention, treatment of various diseases and rehabilitation in medical organizations and in everyday life.


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