Mosquito Killer

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Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika viruses are transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes and causes considerable morbidity and mortality. Currently there is no vaccine to protect people from virus infection and vector control plays a significant role in integrated prevention and control programs.

“Mosquito Killer” is an attractive lethal ovitrap designed to attract female mosquitoes searching places to oviposit. Attractiveness is an important issue, ovitraps compete with other breeding sites and traps emulating a better host. Mosquito Killer use water, solid colors and solar powered LED light (IR and Red) for attract mosquitoes. The trap use water as its principal attractant. A hole on the top is the main entrance for attracted females into the interior chamber. A floating net (colored matte black) serves as substrate for mosquito oviposition. At night water and LED light (IR and Red) are the principal attractants. The outside walls of the trap are lined with a long-lasting insecticide. The water in the trap contains a larvicide to kill all larvae and eggs.

Our trap, made from simple, inexpensive and readily available materials, is attractive enough for people to have in their home and not desirable objects for theft.



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