Wheel Size Adaptable Portable Towing Device

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Every year the Indian roads welcome nearly 1.7crore new two wheelers with annual increase of 17%. With the maximum number of means of transportation two wheelers also bring breakdown problems due to various reasons out of which one is deflated tires. My device gives solutions to the problems that arise due to deflated tires to the vehicle and the driver.

Drivers often find themselves in distress when their vehicles' tires get punctured due to anxiety and other medical problems due to dragging the vehicle to the nearest repair shop. Also due to dragging the tube and the tire wear off which leads to change  Of tire and tube, this results in high cost of expenditure for the riders.

My device gives immediate solution at the time of breakdown and also resolves all the problems stated above. This device consist of a total of 13 attachable parts which when put together form this device. These 13 parts consist of 4 hollow pipes, 2 connecting pipes ,4 elbows, 4 castor wheels and 1 steel ramp. These parts are formed using simple lathe procedures like boring, turning, threading etc. There are a few parts which also need welding. After all the parts are formed they are easily assembled and the device is ready to be used.

The time taken to assemble the device is just 1.56 minutes which is very low when compared to other options of solutions present. The procedure to assemble the device starts with taking a connecting rod and fixing both ends with the elbows. From these elbows two big hollow pipes are attached. A sliding mechanism is created using two small hollow pipes which slide inside the big hollow pipes. The frame is completed by attaching the remaining two elbows with small hollow pipes and a connector pipe. Below each elbow a wheel is welded beforehand for ease of use. The ramp is then fixed on a connector To help the vehicle move to the slot. After the assembly is done, the vehicle is moved up using the ramp and once it reaches into the slot the belts are used to tighten the wheel with the device. Finally the ramp is removed and the vehicle is easily towed to the nearby shop.

This device is not available in the market and hence will be easily marketable since it is the cheapest solution available for towing a two wheeler which has deflated wheels. This is very much portable and the slot where the wheel will be placed can be easily changed for other tire dimensions. It is time saving and money saving too. The most important issue this device solves if fatigue and stressful situation of the driver who has to drag the vehicle in absence of such a device. This device can easily accommodate 4 to 5 varied sizes of wheels. One of its best features is that if the front wheel gets deflated the device can be placed and the vehicle can be driven to reach the repair shop. This device is a ONE TIME INVESTMENT.


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    Anand Iyer
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    The inspiration for my design was a simple TV remote holder which I use in my house. It gave me a thought as to why not use this supportive casing for two wheeler wheels also. For me inspiration comes from various experiences of people around me with the devices they use in daily life.
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