Hybrid Mobile Charger for Natural Disaster

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During natural calamities, power failure is an important problem. Due to the power failure no work can be carried out. Also communication devices can’t be charged and it leads to important messages that can’t be transferred to anybody on an emergency condition. In recent days power banks are also available but if the charge is fully utilized then it has no use. Our hybrid charger has an advantage in that any one of the available source can be connected one at a time and the potential developed can be converted into a useful form of DC output. Also the device has the capability that it can store the energy like a power bank.

The hybrid mobile charger that we have developed is composed of solar, wind, handcrank and peltier effect. So if any one of the sources is available then the charger can be working, so as the communication device can be charged. Also it can be used as a power bank too. All USB based devices can be charged using this hybrid charger.

There are different methods of charging namely fast and slow charging. The disadvantage of the fast charging method is a charge detection circuit needs to be used and the life of the battery is reduced too. But the slow charging devices improves the life of the battery. The solar based charging utilizes the Photovoltaic (PV) module to convert the sunlight into an electrical charge. The electric potential built from the solar panel is fed into a regulator IC to control the developed voltage and a conditioning circuit is used to utilize the charge developed.

The wind based charging utilizes the kinetic energy developed by wind.The wind energy is converted into electrical potential using a wind mill setup and can be used as an alternative method to charge the mobile. These are the two renewable sources used to charge the mobile or USB based communication device.

Hand crank based worked using a DC generator rotated by human. Depends on the energy being spent by the human. The system develops electric potential which can be used to charge the communication device.

The last source works on the principle of peltier effect. Peltier materials used which when heated at one side and the other side kept at cold condition develops electric potential.

All the potentials developed by the devices will be conditioned before being given to the load. A life charging circuit and a voltage step up booster and a regulator IC are the conditioning circuits used to serve the purpose of converting any form of electric potential developed into suitable DC output.


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