Smart Control Trigger Turret Tripod

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Smart reattachable control trigger turret tripod or the SRCTTT for short has a bidirectional form fitting receiving dock that can be minipulated to accept/port various reattachable weapons of selected choice. Once a weapon is docked using the slide lock function onto the SRCTTTs adjustable receiving dock/port the control trigger/"finger" press release activated control function manuvers and or rests in a locking/unlocking firing position. The tripods telescope legs have 2 battery attachments that are reattachable via a slide lock function which connect to the SRCTTT on opposite sides of the telescope legs. The third telescope leg is for a adjustable reattachable ammo box container to fit various sizes. The SRCTTT's sensory 3d cameras incorporate zoomable night vision, ultra violet and thermal vision capabilities. SRCTTT includes a wireless receiver/relay connection to wirelessly connect to specific wireless devices to enable user/operator control via control center and or the military unit/operators smart touch screen wrist monitor control device which has a specific wireless ID number that pairs to the SRCTTT. Smart wrist touch screen display monitor has a Lasor guidance function "point and press" to select specific target/targets. SRCTTT's facial recognition functions enable the SRCTTT to select and activate/auto target and or targeting function. SRCTTTs Sensory cameras screen pairing enables control center/smart wrist monitor to virtually access/control the equipped weaponry while viewing it's cameras function. The SRCTTT will be a go to in terms of setting up strategic smart defense planning. The SRCTTT works well against an enemy advance. SRCTTT works well when applied as a fall back defense plan. Controlled Interchangeable gun loadouts for the SRCTTT is a valuable asset that accomodates a variety of situations.


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