The Problem: Officers in Pain with back injury claims.

Law enforcement officers work an average of 12 hours per shift with 6 – 8 hours of that time either sitting in an office chair or a car seat. These officers are required to wear duty belts loaded with essential equipment. An officer typically has 12 – 16 items that vary in size and shape on their duty belt. The internet is populated with 30 years of research papers and officer complaints that point to this equipment causing pain from pressure points and spinal distortion, resulting in a host of other ailments that are cumulative and traumatic.

The Product: Your Six Cushion

With over five years of research and development ...

With all the new systems on the Space Center and other areas coming on line I feel this will be very useful. Most systems engineers and technicians use laptops or at least paperwork orders to operate, calibrate, and do maintenance on systems. Most often there is no surface to use the laptop or do paperwork. This item gives the user a work surface for either the 6 X 6 enclosure or the 24” type rack. A slightly smaller one can be made for the 19” rack. No tools necessary for installation it simply drops into place. You could logically locate a cabinet / box with an adequate amount of plates to support the area in need. If a system ...

This design uses virtual reality (VR) tools to conduct detailed examinations of human melanoma and disease progression and possible treatment. The tests will use a ConfocalVR systems. Instead of viewing cell images as a three-dimensional model on a flat computer screen, clinicians and researchers will be able to project cell images from normal and diseased tissue into a VR space, see detailed images of internal structure and directly interact with the three-dimensional images in virtual reality.

Patients themselves can immerse themselves in the VR space and view the VR images using our tools. ImageJ software free from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is used to convert confocal microscope image stacks into 3D volumetric object files (NIfTI ) that ...

Ascend Manufacturing has invented the 3D printing technology of the future. Developed under a Nation Science Foundation grant and being perfected with world experts in 3D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, our patent pending technology has so many industry disrupting advantages over existing technologies that puts us light years ahead of everything else on the market. Our technology, called Large Area Projection Sintering (LAPS), allows a user to create a single part or hundreds of thousands of parts in a single day all from a single low-cost machine. LAPS is the only 3D printing technology which fuses and forms a 3D part with an industrial closed loop control process – meaning every part has high repeatability and reliability.


We know a number of known flaws in traditional engines:
1. Inefficient combination of pressure within the cylinder and tangential force on the crankshaft. Two points need to be looked at closely when the crankshaft rotates 180 degrees:
a) The pressure changes from a maximum to a minimum value;
b) The lever size on the crankshaft changes from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 0.
2. The unburned fuel is burned up in the catalytic converter. Its dense honeycomb takes away a part of the engine power.
3. The shortness of the burned mixture’s exhaust time has a significant effect on fuel efficiency as it leads to the mixing of a fresh portion of the fuel-air ...

The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of RPAS allows for innovative operational options such as the ability to spray (a liquid) a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere. This is the case of NitroFirex, an innovative project that integrates already available defense and UAVs technologies in order to attain an operative capability that can be applied, at night, in the battle against wildfires and fumigation of drug plantations.

Due to the human and ecological harm caused, the social alarm generated as well as the economic losses that they bring forth, the project that NitroFirex is developing with maximum priority is the one to combat these ...

Currently, the bags don't have the best design for our back, because the design of those bags was made a long time ago and until now they were keeping the same parameters about where they had been sewn and its points of tension, I mean: the forces are converging and match with our body, directly with our back, shoulders, and neck. The design of the current bags is not the most accurate for our backs and they are very uncomfortable when you have to carry books, some electronics, or very heavy things, especially the mountain bag; or for long periods of time, as school backpacks! My solution is to make a new bag with a new design to help ...

Ground Based Transport chokes the atmosphere & heat-kills Earth’s life, by trillions of cuts and billions of exhausts.

Earth’s limited fossil fuel drives this Vicious-Cycle-System which, once exhausted, leaves no good way to Transport goods or people.

My heavy-payload pole-supported system ‘Transports’ humanity into a nature-friendly Virtuous-Cycle Paradigm. Track-top Solar powers my globally approved patent (US9320941B2) . Toroidal Wheel Drive (TWD), with prototypes proving the concept (see video).

… design enhances biodiversity & human lives, using a novel solar-green-free-energy Transportation system.
… strong traction creates energy-efficient autonomous heavy payload transit, at any XYZ angle. Energy to charge 120 cellphones lifts a 182 kg load to 68M. Not anti-gravity, but close.
… level-loads Peak-Energy demand, therefore likely the most ...

The issue with lithium ion batteries is that in each one there is enough electrical energy to create a spark, and they are filled with a flammable electrolyte. The only thing preventing the spark is a thin plastic separator, sometimes less than 10 microns thick. If there is a defect or damage to the cell that penetrates the membrane, then a spark occurs and the battery can light on fire.

What if you could make a battery in which it was impossible to create a spark?

We present a new lithium battery architecture which does just that. In this architecture, the metal foil current collectors have been replaced with polymer films that are coated with just enough metal to ...

Explaining how my device does the following:

a. Monitoring C02 levels in the immediate vicinity of the crew member, preferable near the mouth and nose:
The Proposed personal CO2 monitor is a portable, wearable Bluetooth device which is clipped to the upper body clothing of its user. It can be built with commercial IR sensors like the Arduino Analog Infrared CO2 Sensor or most preferably the “CozIR sensor” which are lightweight and use significantly less power so can be battery powered only needing to be charged after weeks or more of usage.

b. Is not obstructive so as to minimize crewmember discomfort and distraction:
The device is designed to have a small form factor, it is attached to the ...

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