Tactile Smart Gyroballcam Grenade

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The tactical smart gyroballcam grenade, or TSGBCG for short, has 2 camera sensors located on each opposing side of the gyroscope which include capabilities of infrared light, ultra violet and night vision incorporating zoomable abilities. TSGBCG manafactures 3 various models for varied situations: smoke dispersement grenade, a detonation grenade and gas dispersement grenade.

TSGBCGs use sensored detonation abilities or disbursement capabilities. TSGBCG is loaded onto a smart docking/charging holster on your hip or thigh. Hip/thigh charging docking station clips around thigh/hip with 3 adjustable comfort straps. Hip/thigh docking station plugs into an outlet to regain charge/power. Hip/thigh docking station can load charge 4/6 TSGBCGs. Once emptied of disbursement agents TSGBCGs can be refilled via leg docking station or on a refilling station.

Monitoring/control of surveillance operations of smart grenades via control center and or touch wrist monitor display. Controlled or monitored on the ground level via smart touch wrist monitor for close interactive combat scenarios while linked through a wireless connection to TSGBCG's cameras. Touch Wrist monitor has laser guidance button activation to set target for smart grenades "point and press." Has a built in mic/receiver which enables the operator to voice command orders to a potential target or friendly. Smart touch wrist monitor displays links wirelessly to command center for on screen communication abilities. Touch wrist monitor utilizes the wireless connection to TSGBCG camera and speaker functionality as walkie talkie between host and subject to channel specific orders from speaker. Touch wrist monitor equipped with tactical light and camera. Wrist monitors camera can be utilized to set/lock potential targets for TSGBCG with picture/video imaging and facial recognition functionality.

Tactile battery boots are tactical boots that have a compartment for 2 extra batteries for wrist monitor and or hip/thigh docking holster. A light is equipped on the top of the frontal facing portion of the tactical boots. Tactile battery boots plug into outlets to receive charge. Tactile battery boots have a power cable connection to the hip/thy docking station/port to direct charge the hip/thigh docking station/port.


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