A Personal CO2 Monitor for Use on Long Duration Spaceflight

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Explaining how my device does the following:

a. Monitoring C02 levels in the immediate vicinity of the crew member, preferable near the mouth and nose:
The Proposed personal CO2 monitor is a portable, wearable Bluetooth device which is clipped to the upper body clothing of its user. It can be built with commercial IR sensors like the Arduino Analog Infrared CO2 Sensor or most preferably the “CozIR sensor” which are lightweight and use significantly less power so can be battery powered only needing to be charged after weeks or more of usage.

b. Is not obstructive so as to minimize crewmember discomfort and distraction:
The device is designed to have a small form factor, it is attached to the user’s shirt, collar, sleeve or any other area of clothing which is not in any way obstructing to its user. This attachment is made possible by a clip at the back of the device. Also it alerts the astronauts by a simple vibration.

c. Is operable in a weightlessness environment:
Due to the environment of use which is space and weightless at most, this design incorporates an:
LED touch display,
Low Energy Bluetooth Connectivity,
Rechargeable Battery System,
On-Board Processing
On-Board Data Storage and
Small form/design factor
The LED Touch display shows the CO2 levels; it also has a touch button to navigate the display and long press to power off/on the device.

d. Stores or transfers accumulated data:
The device stores data on its on-board data storage system and transfers accumulated data wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection to an IPad, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device for view by astronauts just like a fitness band.
The bulk of the data is stored on board a spacecraft data system for analysis and mission controllers can download it for research purposes when needed. This is all possible through a Modular Bluetooth Integrator (MoBI) to compensate for the wearable personal CO2 monitors being used by multiple users all at the same time. This Multi-wearable, multi-sensor system integrates data from the many devices at once. The throughput of data transfers can also be increased by utilizing Bluetooth 5 technology.

e. Allows sensitivity to ambient CO2 levels:
In other to be sensible to the ambient CO2 levels, the device CO2 sensing is done using the “CozIR-A CO2 Sensor”.
This is a low power, CO2 sensor, ideal for battery powered Aerospace wearable application. It integrates with wireless IoT networks like Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, SigFox and more. It uses up to 50 times lower power than the common NDIR CO2 sensors. It is built with a unique LED technology platform which uses a horseshoe shaped optical light path to provide a long enough path for the CO2 molecules to absorb the IR light at concentrations of 0-5%.
Measurements range from 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm and 0-1% and power/energy consumption is 3.5Mw.
It is solid state and survive over 15 years’ lifetime of usage.
This sensor is therefore sensible enough to measure the ambient CO2 levels.



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