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We present in this opportunity a 6 passenger full eVTOL aircraft concept for Urban transportation, with vertical propulsion electrical engines and propellers in under the fuselage arranged configuration with air intake. Also will have engines on the sides of the fuselage for horizontal propulsión.

My company: GRUG GROUP LLC, was founded to supply services in the aviation sector and to develop a variety of future aircraft. We currently are working on several eVTOL flying vehicles concepts. Those are designed with different characteristic and capacities to fit a wide range of the demand that could be in the future.

The projected global market for urban passenger flying vehicles will be of 21 billion US dollars for the year 2035. Other studies as the one made by PORSCHE CONSULTING size all inspection, goods, and passenger services market with a potential of 74 billions US dollars for the year 2035 (US 35 Billions for the passenger market only).

This is a very complete business, which not only involves the manufacture of the Flying Vehicles but also all other services associated with them, like maintenance, repair, parts supplies and others such the construction of "vertiports" ( small-scale airport) worldwide that allows lounge and seating areas, repair and spare storage areas.


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