Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Missile

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This idea is about the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in missiles as replacement of heat seekers in order to eliminate the effects of flares that are usually deployed by the target in order to evade heat seeking missiles which is technically called Infrared Homing missiles. The artificial intelligence smart missiles may be equipped with several cameras in order to assist the image recognition of an AI in all angle so that the smart missile can freely locate the target in all angle. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Missile compares the target to the image stored in its memory. So, any mismatch on the number or letters written on the plane of the target will divert the AI missile to find the target that matches the image (including letters and numbers written on the planes) stored in its memory.

Heat seeking missile is good only in sneak attack where the target has no time to deploy flares but if the target is aware of the situation an artificial intelligence smart missile may be the best option to shoot down the target and capture the pilot if the target is an aircraft.

AI missile, however, is applicable only where the target can be seen. That is if the target is hidden at night or behind the clouds, the AI missile will be lost or continue on its way but lost until it sees the target again or until it runs out of fuel.

This is just a suggestion but could be a very big help in evading flares and shoot down the target in return.


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