Flying Hydrofoil Surface Combatant

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The Sea Tiger flying hydrofoil combines the best of hydrofoil, WISE; Wing In Ground Effect, and composite construction to provide a low cost solution for the needs of the US Navy to increase the size of the fleet, reduce costs, and add unmatched capability giving a patrol craft the speed of an aircraft, to land in any sea state using hydrofoil wings as landing gear, and advanced UAV with radar and sensor drone technology for advanced threat detection and threat interdiction and evasion. Quantum sonar sensors are embedded into the hydrofoil tips providing towed array efficiency without the background noise created by conventional propeller or pump propulsion.

This flying boat uses conventional turboprops mounted in a pusher configuration on a flying wing to skim the transitional boundary between the ocean surface and the air. A top speed of 250mph, limited full flight capabilities, and the ability to escort at fleet speeds while foil-borne, provides unmatched speed, range, firepower, and reconnaissance capability at an affordable price. The Sea Tiger would extend the targeting acquisition range of the AEGIS class destroyers, provide long range picket line duty for the fleet, with virtually unlimited range and loiter time with low altitude refueling capability from Navy and Air Force aerial refueling tankers. Mounting a 16 cell VLS SM6, Tomahawk, etc. (Vertical Launch System) , 48 Hellfire missiles, 4 Mark 54 Torpedos, 57 mm deck gun, 20mm CWIS or Laser system for interdiction of hyper-sonic cruise missiles. The Octocopter eight engine drone is a remote sensor array with radar, dipping sonar, and EW (Electronic Warfare) packages or can be reconfigured as a 6 man plus equipment Special Operations remote insertion or extraction platform.

The Sea Tiger extends the vision of the fleet potentially by thousands of miles while acting as a forward spotter. Designed to combat the threat of Corvette sized missile boats and ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) the stealthy, low profile allows the Sea Tiger to loiter just below the horizon covering vast expanses of patrol areas in much shorter mission times. The ability to attain free flight to avoid mines, jump over land masses avoiding maritime choke points and operate in the littorals in as little as 6 feet of water gives the Sea Tiger the ability to deliver special operations troops from the two RIB boats carried on board into hostile territory and provide fire support when needed. The Octocopter drone can insert special units of up to six soldiers into safe LZ's beyond shoreline defenses rested, dry, and ready for action. The ability to land inland on lakes, rivers, and other waterways gives the Sea Tiger new options, carrying as many as 60 troops in the RIB launch bay. Twenty Sea Tigers can be built for the cost of a single AEGIS ship with an equal or less crew requirement. San Francisco to Taiwan in less than 24 hours.


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