Deployment Stretcher Barrier Wall

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Automated/controlled deployment stretcher barrier wall or DSBW for short. Designed as a remote operated/Autonomous mobile deployment stretcher barrier wall the operator/user has full control capabilities allowing user to minipulate the defensive barriers movement via control center and or a wireless military touch control wrist monitoring device. The wrist monitor has a wireless password protected ID that pairs to the defensive stretcher wall barrier to gain access for control functions. User/operator has ability to view the defensive barriers 3d sensory cameras in real time through the wrist monitor or via control center. DSBWs panel flaps are manafactured as a harden steel/kevlar composite material. DSBW has crawler tracks for maximum grip/movement in all conditions. DSBW has a built in stretcher that autonomously "stretches out" opens. DSBWs sides/roof flaps/panels unfold to form a protective wall encasement. DSBW ejects the foldout stretcher by pulling the stretcher into position with its back 2 power wheels. The back two power wheels, pull/wheel back into position to pull the stretcher out into a locked position. DSBW has bidirectional rubberized Sensory claw arms that unfold/deploy from within the barrier wall to minipulate the hurt/injured friendly onto the stretcher. If the friendly is injured, laying on the ground taking fire from enemy deploy/control the defensive stretcher barrier wall and safely rescue the injured ally.


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