Tactile Scope/Visor

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A smart military tactical scope attachment that pairs to a smart visor attachment. The scope/visor attachments are equipped with 3D sensory cameraa and encrypted wireless signal reciever/relays. The 3D sensory cams functions pair to the smart scopes displays functions. The incrypted wireless signal receiver/relay pairs to the smart tactical scope/visor. The encrypted wireless signal receiver relay wirelessly pairs to other encrypted ID numbers/signals. The encrypted numbered ID signal pairing to other wireless pairing signals allows the operator/military personnel to view a target/targets through the smart scope/visor to see if the potential target is friendly or not. Encrypted ID signal once received and verified by command center pings a instant verification notification to said military unit. Military unit can use the tactical helmets smart visors visual pairing to view other military units helmet 3D sensory cams (via signal relay/receiver) for a personal perspective cam connection. The smart visor display pairs to a threat level awareness system. The threat level awareness system is programmed to operate off a uploadable GPS mapping program that has projectional threat levels. The GPS projected threat level smart mapping is a highly detailed map/app of uploadable local terrains and urban neighborhoods. The GPS projected threat level mapping databank has full to minimum saved cloud based threat level mapping awareness functions. The GPSs threat level mapping databank pairs to the tactile helmet's smart visor display apparatus and scope attachment.

Military units can view and or use the smart visors/scope display and see if a building is currently marked as a threat and at what level the threat is currently anticipated to be at or become (projected threat levels). The smart visors displayed threat level awareness sensory bar is located on the right side of the inner visors display. Full building analytics, the smart visor/scope has a program of full detailed building renderings or analysis expressions that provide building schematics and viewable exit options or breach options for military personnel. Breach or exit options can be updated or planned via military control center. A facial recognition threat level awareness system uses facial recognition functionality to allow military units to view selective targets and their potential threat level. The facial recognition threat level awareness system databank is viewable through the smart visors display which connects potential targets to other familied or allied targets as well as projected threat levels. A exampled use of the smart scope could be applied to police or military, green means weapon is unlocked to shoot and red means weapon is locked and can't fire(friendlies!!)


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