Drone Missile Launcher

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This magnetic lifter drone robotic aircraft.

This Small drone aircraft is based on WW2 designs used by the German Military that were recovered during The 1947 project Operation High Jump . In that time period computer science was not available as it is today which was the Reason the German militrary had limited sucess with as it was very difficult for the pilots to manually fly these devices which were driven by a series of Gyroscopes causing Ionic lift not unlike what is currently in use by the B 2 Bomber AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL military aircraft which also use jet engines to assist in the propulsion system . A computer conrtolled Drone using this propulsion system could be used in both Space and Earth based work where it is too dangerous for humans to go . An Autonomous computer like that used on a Cruise Missile could be used to control the vehichle so that an enemy could not hack the telemtery signal to the aircraft as was the case when Iran captured a US Drone aircraft during the Gulf war of 2011. These devices with nuclear or conventional explosive payloads could be used in combat to destroy enemy ICBM sites before a nuclear weapon launch due to their stealth and small Size . These would be different than past designs of Germany and the United States as this would be unmanned and very small!


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    Hard working people of the past who risked their lives for the progress of the Human race .
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