Forever Fuel Anti-Gravity Engine

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Military organizations and industries use generators and electrical motors in day to day operations. To get the upper hand over adversaries and/or the competition it is best to have the best new tool around, "Forever Fuel." "Forever Fuel" is an Anti-Gravity Engine that reduces electrical needs (loads) for electrical motors up to 40%. If used in reverse it produces up to 40% more power for wind turbine generators.

This new engine uses very strong magnets to create Anti-Gravity. This Anti-Gravity caused by the levitation of magnets creates a force that is 10x the weight of the magnets. The key to this levitation is a curved inclined ramp that contains a special array of magnets that is brought into the vicinity of a lifting arm made from repelling magnets. The lifting arm is raised vertically with the power of 10 times the weight of the magnets in the lifting arm. This power is enough to turn a generator.



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    Gerald Rowley
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    Nature. The state of our planet is in dire need of help due to man's polluting of the water, air, earth, and natural resources. I am just doing my part to combat these effects and help bring the planet back into equilibrium.
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