Exponential Engine

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The Exponential Engine is a modification to current piston and valve engine designs which will generate 4x the power for the same displacement current as Otto cycle engine design.The concept replaces crankshafts with our patent pending cam-crank permitting 2 power strokes per drive shaft revolution thus generating 4x the power for the same displacement. Other features include unitary engine cooling utilizing air, coolant and oil in a single engine unit without using hoses of any kind. Higher power to weight ratios in the range of 2hp per pound and co-axial drive lines permit propeller or load driving in contra drive directions. When used for aircraft, safety is improved dramatically since the system comprises two separate and independent operating engines. In case of an engine-out condition one engine is still operable thereby protecting lives in passenger aircraft and equipment in surveillance and drone applications.

In addition to the safety features discussed, fuel savings and range increases are achieved by shutting down one engine and operating on a single engine at the desired speed. Should the operable engine fail the second independent engine can be utilized. This system can find application in any and all engine powered devices whether in the air, on land or water.

The phase 2 development will utilize JP fuel without engine modification, however an additional device will be required but no increase in compression ratio. There are 15 separate items contained in the basic engine which address valve seats, variable piston strokes, isolation and discharge of exhaust gasses without contamination of oil, and the use of oilless piston rings.

Phase 3 of the development process will produce an oilless engine burning a proprietary fuel which will emit exhaust gasses benign to the atmosphere! Development time for phase 3 is estimated at 2+ years.

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