The Drone of the Future - Compact and Highly Efficient

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A group of self-driven students from the University of Southern Denmark has designed, built and successfully flown the first ever box-blended wing drone.

This drone, with a wingspan of 1.5 meters can fly for ranges over 80km, carry 2 kg of load, and transports sensors and imaging equipment.

The drone has a box wing configuration, minimizing induced drag created by the generation of vortexes at the tip of the wings. It boosts an extra 20% efficiency compared to conventional aircraft designs.

It is powered by an electric motor and can do fully autonomous launch, way-point navigation and landing. The drone uses advanced materials in its construction: the monocoque tail and body are constructed in carbon fiber, sandwiched with a structural foam core. 3D printed parts reinforced with continuous fibers were used and the design was built for modularization and ease of assembly.


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    Andre Sousa
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    Team members:
    André Rangel
    Mark Bech
    Jonas Kianzad
    Mikkel Labori
    Athanasios Papamarinos
    Kiagias Konstantinos
    Ondrej Pokorny
    Vincent Yegenoglu
    Michela DIssegna
    Raphael Geiger
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    Working with a diverse, international and multidisciplinary team; creating a great learning and life experience for every team member involved in the project, while creating innovation with an out of the box perspective for a better, cleaner world.
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