Boat Safe from Sinking by Storm and Waves in River or Sea

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Many fisherman and other people die from sinking of boat in river or sea due to storms and waves, but it may be prevented if this innovation system is used to make a boat or trawler.

For this system, four foldable/contracting shafts (many hollow pipes will be placed into a hollow pipe, one after one) to be fitted at the two sides of boat by keeping same distance and same position. These foldable shafts can be spread up to 20 – 50 meters towards depth of river or sea. One square metal plate of 3 to 5 meters to be fitted at the end of each foldable shaft and it will be folded by pulley system from the boat. When the boat will run, the system to be kept at unfolded condition. Except it, a two sided closed hollow metal pipe of 2-3 feet diameter to be fitted at the top position outside of the boat.

For this system, when a storm or wave will strike/hit on a side of boat/trawler, then the four immersion square plates will create opposite pressure from the pressure of the water. I think that, the storm/wave will be not able to reverse the boat, passing over the barrier of water pressure up on the four immersion metal plates. Except it, the hollow pipe of outside of that boat will save the boat from sinking. Only strong cyclone may reverse the boat. No disturbance will be created to run the boat for the immersion square plates which are thin. So the boat is fully safe from sinking by storm or wave of sea or river.


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