Shortest Routes in Space

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Shortest routes in space:

It must be noted that in study of the properties of “space,” we also are including all possible locations that objects can occupy in the universe (ref.1).

I mean that, we are a part of the system that we want to study, as Quantum theory tries to express. To study the curvature of space, the minimum dimensions should be considered are three-dimensional. .So, in a three-dimensional space, it can move up, down, forward, back, left, and right.

Although near the Earth, space is only very weakly curved, but in the other regions there are much stronger than that because of an extreme gravity caused by black holes, (dark matter & dark energy); To have a better (and an objective) understanding and perception of that space to warp by an extreme gravitation, observe a piece of a  messed up textile; “ a few pieces of it are hidden and we can not see them “.


Now, as an conclusion of all above statements, I want to express and remark that two very important facts;

1-The value and direction of that above mentioned extreme gravity caused by Black holes,(dark matter & dark energy) are unstable and variable and in turn, can be concluded that;

2- All of our measurements are not be precise on those regions.

3- The warp and curvature routes and regions are there that must be;

4- the shortest, ( a shortcut/ shorter route ), to reach a point in space &

5. the route that help us to speed up our velocity and movement to the target point.


1-No. 91 • Spring 2016,Cosmic Geometry and the Curvature of Space,by Ryan Janish (University of California at Berkeley).

2-Visualizing curved spacetime,Rickard M. Jonssona, Department of Theoretical Physics, Physics and Engineering Physics,Chalmers University of Technology and Go¨teborg University, 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden~Received 23 April 2003; accepted 8 October 2004!

3-Motion Mountain,The Adventure of Physics,Volume II,Relativity and Cosmology,Christoph Schiller,Thirtieth edition.

4-Motion Mountain,The Adventure of Physics, Volume IV, The Quantum of Change,Christoph Schiller,Thirtieth edition.

5- A thanks to Encyclopedia Britanica,Inc., for using an image, (Fig.1), from 2006,Encyclopedia Britanica,Inc.


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