SCOUT -Kevlar Drone Docking Vest-

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The SCOUT Tactile kevlar drone and drone docking vest is uniquely designed to accommodate/be formfitting to a specific personnel's back/body structure. A charging station that holsters/docks the drone "SCOUT" to the back/rear facing portion of the vest. A rechargeable battery block is installed in-between the vests materials' inner lining inside a concealable housing box consisting of the electrical components required. The outer lining consists of a soft cushioned material located on the mid back encapsulating the rechargeable/ejectable battery which also acts a structurized back support/brace for the mid to lower back to support the additional weight of the SCOUT/drone. The back/rear of the vest auto docks/releases the drone on voice or button command. SCOUT drone is equipped with 3d fish eye lenses to capture 3d models/imaging. The propeller arms bend on take off and landing/docking which also grants for a manipulating structure for various flying parameters/obstacles. The SCOUT has a responsive voice relay recognition which enables the user direct voice application control command. The drone is operated or compatible with and or to voice command controls and or an encrypted military ID wrist monitoring device I have designed.

SCOUT drone is used for complex scouting report operations performing stealthily and cautionary while keeping the military units/personnel at safe distances.


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