Matrix Hinge

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Innovation is a thin, flexible “Matrix Hinge." This hinge is novel in many ways; it is durable, lightweight, and continuous and is not like any other hinge. The hinge is excellent in tiny applications to large building construction base on the material used to make the unique configuration. The hinge is nonmetallic, non-conductivity, waterproof, rust free, easy to disinfect, any color, transparent, flat, airtight, non-binding, no recess required to be near flush, detachable, permeant, durable, won’t twist or rack, peel or tear, compact and economical. This hinge does not use pins, plates, grooves, unique plastic, or specific material to fold or to be molded. The new simple design addresses direct, indirect, lateral, uplift, and torque loads to provide a smooth, reliable hinge for countless applications.

The Matrix Hinge is possible at nanotechnology level application to large wall construction. It can hinge dis-similar materials and adjust to vary thickness and is excellent for composite panel construction, insulated panels and structure components to fold structures, containers, and buildings. It is also ideal for hinging or folding electronic components and transparent material such as screens on a cell phone, monitors, and large display to easily fold and unfold. The hinge can have wiring and electronic components inserted in the hinge to provide connectivity within the product. This hinge works in diver applications and has a three in one function. It addresses a flat 180-degree function, an active 90-degree corner function and 115 degrees function for a mid-span hinging as required by the application with the same hinge installed in different locations.

This matrix hinge can be made from a variety of popular products from reinforced vinyl to heavy duty roofing membranes to custom designed sheet goods. The hinge is attached by sewing, hot air welding, laminated, adhesives, or mechanically fastened. This hinge opens up the possibilities for solid panels and materials to fold flat in multiple configurations for a more compact and more comfortable to transport solid walls, roof and floors. Material with unique qualities can be incorporated to provide the hinge to be fireproof, decorative, transparent, reflective, and scalable to any size application and many other options.

The hinge can be manufactured on a typical hot air wedge welder with a continues roll. The hinge is half the cost of standard metal hinges per foot and no mold cost and twice the strength of plastic hinges and easy to install. This product can replace thicker, more substantial hinges with a continuous hinge when folding solid materials that need to be made compacted for transportation and easily deployed without assemble multiple pieces. It provides for hard-sided structure, equipment, and devices to have various folding potential to minimize space and time assembly. This product can be is ideal for flat, rectangle, curved, rods, cylinder, and organic shapes for folding structures. It can be installed for use on sunglasses to airplane wings and from temporary structures to building components. The Matrix Hinge is designed to make a better world that is on the move.


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    Greg Berna
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    Growing up in the family moving and storage business and being an architect solving problems. Making things easier to transport is a goal of mine because it affects everyone. One idea can change the way the world work and improve lives. The current physical dock and semi-truck have not really changed in 60+ years and things can easily be better with this approach and technology.
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