Hovering Soldier

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We as a team have designed a product named the Hovering Soldier to solve one of the important security challenges faced by the soldiers at the borders to protect one’s own territory and at the same time for the internal stability of the nation.

The Hovering Soldier is designed like a bird that flies towards the neighboring territory to monitor a particular area. It uses 2 types of cameras fit inside the bird’s eye. One is about 4MP sCMOS camera providing very high resolution in full sunlight. The other eye has a thermal camera named The Viento-G that is specially designed for a wide range of thermal monitoring applications This could also serve as an important tool to keep track of any smuggling that take place at the borders. The bird has a cylindrical shaped tank like structure at its bottom to store chloroform and sprays a particular quantity of chloroform to make the opponent unconscious when the distant between the opponent and the bird is about 0.5 metre at the time of dangerous situation. The product record and shares the live streaming video only through a particular secure link making it difficult to be decoded by any other nation except the respective country in charge of it.

The Hovering Soldier weighing an average of 450 grams is remote controlled up to a range of about 1-1.5km and viewed with the help of a LCD display. The product uses infrared rays facilitating night vision and is programmed with the help of raspberry pi. It also has records video and uses a transmitter to transmit video signal with the help of antenna The movement of the hovering soldier is handled by a mechanical coreless motor, powered by lithium polymer battery which can be recharged when necessary. It also has a propeller that helps it to propel forward and also help in spraying the solution when the propeller rotates at high speed.

We hope that this product would be of great help to all those people fighting for their country risking their lives at the borders.


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    Looking at the risks faced by the soldiers at the borders I felt that something should be done to prevent their deaths. This inspired me and my team to do something for our nation. We hope that this product would be of great help to all those people fighting for their country risking their lives at the borders.
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