Modular Handguard

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Typical AR style rifles have a round or hexagon shaped tube that wraps around the barrel to protect the operator from the heat of the barrel during firing while simultaneously providing a location to mount additional accessories which facilitate the operation of the rifle such as lighting, aiming, etc. On most AR style rifle handguards, accessories are restricted to being mounted in four locations evenly staggered around the circumference of the handguard. An additional problem with the accessory rails that exist on the market is their inability to mount accessories directly beside one another, outside of the cardinal positions of 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. This cylindrical handguard would enable the operator to mount accessories virtually anywhere on the handguard. The final handguard is intended to be sold in competition with other elite handguards currently on the market. This means the handguard will be at a cost to the consumer of less than $300.00, lightweight and easy to use with typical industry features while also exceeding current competition reliability.

The handguard will fit onto any standard AR-15 rifle; it will function as both an accessory rail and a guard around the barrel, providing protection to the consumer from the heat of the barrel. Furthermore, it will be able to withstand above average wear and tear a typical handguard will experience.

A key feature of this handguard is the ability for the consumer to choose the type of mounting system they would like to use. Our handguard is compatible with Picatinny rails, M-LOK and KeyMod systems. These mounting systems are the three main systems the market currently has to offer but they are directly integrated into the handguard itself. In order to develop a product that stood head and shoulders above all of the other manufacturer’s products, delivery of a smooth operating platform with as many options as was reasonable which could be used by professionals and amateurs alike was critical to our design intention and vision as a team.

Thank you for your time and consideration. It has been my pleasure to share my team's work with you today. I have been blessed to meet with so many wonderful people while working to design and manufacture our first prototype. I look forward to future collaboration and networking that this opportunity can provide.

Thank you,
Kyle Schmidlkofer


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    Kyle Schmidlkofer
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    Kyle Schmidlkofer (Lead)
    Jonah Blank - Mechanical Engineer, Design, manufacturability
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