(MUST) Multi User Service Tray

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With all the new systems on the Space Center and other areas coming on line I feel this will be very useful. Most systems engineers and technicians use laptops or at least paperwork orders to operate, calibrate, and do maintenance on systems. Most often there is no surface to use the laptop or do paperwork. This item gives the user a work surface for either the 6 X 6 enclosure or the 24” type rack. A slightly smaller one can be made for the 19” rack. No tools necessary for installation it simply drops into place. You could logically locate a cabinet / box with an adequate amount of plates to support the area in need. If a system is not exposed launch vibration type environment it could be stowed in the enclosure / rack. I would think this could be used worldwide where ever Hoffman boxes are used. There are hundreds here on KSC. Using a water jet machine would eliminate the need for the holes in the plate used to hold down on the mill. The large hole is the handle and could used to hang the plate when not in use.

You could color code anodize for different areas such as green for clean room Yellow for ML Red for Pad.

Note in the photo a instruction sticker is on the plate itself. We could also add a sticker with , Emergency, Support Phone numbers ETC,. The opposite side has a current CPR procedure.

The current plates are .250 thick aluminum @ 7 lbs each. They could be made of carbon fiber or other lighter materials.



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