Flying Airplane Train with Solar Panel Covered Roof and Airfoil Shaped Bogies or Cabins

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Design Statement:
Design of this transport system consists of the following main parts.
1. Main vehicle/ engine with electric or fuel powered thrust engines, fold-able wings. To move or run the vehicle on road surface or track surface four powered wheels are there in the vehicle.
2. Frame to place the air-foiled shape cabin or bogies.
3. Airfoil shaped cabins to carry passengers and payload with glass front cover and solar panels at roof as per option. Landing wheels are there in each boggy or cabin to allow them to move or run over the road or track surface.
4. Rotary seats inside the airfoil shaped bogies or cabins. Outed tube or body of seat mechanism is worked as stator and inner tube or body that contains seats worked as rotor to provide free rotation and angle adjustment of seats as per inclination of boggy or cabin w.r.t gravitational force direction.
5. Supporting mechanism to hold / connect main vehicle with main wheels of frame and to provide suspension system in all stages of flight.
Spring wires with controlled wrap wheels mechanism or hydraulic cylinders can be utilize as per need for this purpose.
6. Track or road surface.
7. Elevators across the frame to allow passengers and payload movement or to reach in specific cabin.

Working Principle:
Loading/Take-off preparation:
Vehicle is in folding state with the help of supporting mechanism controlled shortened gap. Position of the vehicle can be on road surface or track surface as per availability and customized design needs. Main vehicle engine or main powered wheels of frame starts to move the vehicle in forward direction.

Flight Mode:
As with increase in thrust and lift force support mechanism extends the gap between main vehicle and main wheels of the frame to allow the bogies or cabins to straightened in horizontal axis for efficient lift and less drag forces.

With controlled thrust, lift and supporting mechanism gap adjustment, transportation system lands on the track or road surface.

NOTE: Engines power source, thrusters, wings, wheels and other features can be customized as per design needs.


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