Oasis on Mars

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Oasis on Mars
Natural disasters, wars-atom bombs, threaten human existence on earth. The only other planet in our solar system that offers suitable conditions for existence is Mars. The arms war is at it's peak. NASA, space research stations around the world and startup companies are already working enthusiastically to enable habitation in 2030 on Mars.

What will be the design of the habitat? How will it be built with minimum means, with a suitable environment for the first astronauts away from Earth? The environment should protect their mental and physical health, and act as a base for future city development. Here is where architecture comes into play.

Architecture on Mars is different. For the firs time, it deals not solely with the "trifles" of building the structure and environment but also with the most basic conditions that are necessary for survival and lack on Mars.

The following are the problems and the manner in which our project deals with them:
1. Mars does not have an atmosphere that filters UV as does Earth – The soil on Mars is the ultimate protector against the UV light. The colony will be located in the crater and various space programs will be dug out of the side wall with various facial exposures.
2. There is lack of oxygen and extreme temperatures between day and night - This was solved through a simulated atmosphere and growing plant vertically.
3. Frequent sandstorms – Protection was solved by the same simulated atmosphere and by the location of the habitat in the crater. Gravitation on Mars does not allow the sand to precipitate.
4. There is a lack of liquid water. – It is possible to find frozen water on mars particularly at the poles – Our proposal is to use geothermal water that enables melting of the water, acts independently following commencement triggered by power from the spaceship.

Not only is water necessary for existence, but also we understand the positive potential that exists of moving water in an isolated and deserted environment. That is why water is the main motivating motif for the project to create an oasis on Mars.

Chambers are dug out of the side wall of the crater and made into living spaces, classrooms, laboratories, and various gardens. In the center of the crater is the city square that contains the central well, and a place for the inhabitants to assembly. The city will develop vernacularly, and gradually, as people reach the star. When one crater is fully occupied, the residents will move to an adjacent crater, and so on.


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    Nitzan Oshri
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    Nitzan Oshri, Hila Sharabi, Adi Nagar, Noya Maizlitz, Liat Poysner-Kantor
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    Our time on earth is measured and we must start exploring a new environment for living to avoid the extinction of humanity.
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