Drone Targeted Mortar Rounds

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An autonomous and or manually controlled mortar which is wirelessly synced/paired to a drone. The drones GPS positioning and 360 camera displays and mapping functions are used to manually and or Autonomously target/fire mortar rounds. The drones built in active GPS antenna acts as a accurate on site targeting relay fish and reciever system to directly target a enemy. The active GPS has saved topography of specifically uploaded territory/terrains. The active GPS pairs to the manual fish lense cameras 360 function which enables the user to set lock a mortar round on a target using a screen/monitor. The manual targeting system is equipped with a monitor display shot connection target analysis which is a marker "x" reticle or a cursor that is coloured green for go-ahead"ready to fire" notification. User views monitor display through the drones camera to target/adjust and or Move the targeting cursor, if weapon cursor status is green than that means weapon is loaded and ready to fire.


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